Collaboration brews with our Brewmaster Russ FitzPatrick and our Canadian friends to the north ON TAP:


Lemongrass Saison (3.85% ABV, IBU 20)

Fred Cormier of Hopfenstark


This Collaboration  is a light refreshing Saison with a lemon citrus tip, crisp and clean crafted with summer heat and sunshine in mind.

Sunset Vibrations (5.8% ABV, IBU 40)

JF Gravel and Stephane Ostiguy of  Dieu du Ciel! 

A Single Malt Oak aged Scotch ale that carries a sweet, smooth, warm, and roasty full bodied flavor with notes of whiskey vanilla and caramel


Sour Rhubarb Saison (4.4% ABV, IBU 20)

Andre Trudel of Le Trou du Diable

This will be a tart, sour and sharp saison with strong rhubarb notes!

For JULY 2014
7/7 Salted Caramel Porter
7/28 Elvis Ale!
Lemongrass Saison
Sunset Vibrations Scotch Ale
Rhubarb Saison
A Bavarian style, sour-mashed Weissbier.  A special yeast strain creates subtle banana and clove flavors for this light, thirst quenching, authentic wheat beer.
A big bitter 77 IBU India Pale Ale, spiced with a blend of fragrant Magnum, Simcoe, and Cascade hops. An American IPA receipe designed by our late Brewmaster, Greg Noonan. He said that he wanted this to represent the American style IPAs being brewed by the creative brewers using todays malt and hop varieties.
A slightly caramel, medium bodied smooth Irish Red Ale. Rich, creamy and mellow. A VPB favorite for 25 years! Designed to be a session ale at 4.2% ABV. Very lightly hopped to enhance the appeal for the masses. A true crowd pleaser. We have proudly served over a half million pints of this popular ale to our loyal customers!

This world class Double IPA was the brainchild of Master Brewer, Russ FitzPatrick. A big, hearty, malty body stands up to the variety of specially selected hops. A big, aromatic, bitter and balanced beer. Clark Kent would not like this but, Superman would... 8% ABV

A light, refreshing fruit beer fremented with over 500 pounds of real raspberries! At 6.2% ABV it is in the early reaches of the strong biére category! This ruby red, sour mashed and oak aged weiss beer is for everyone. Maybe some oak, cherry and vanilla come through? Try mixing it with our currently offered stout, on tap. It is real, it is right and it works. The freshest framboise on tap in town, no question.

Genniuss Stout

A classic foreign Extra Dry Stout, brewed to be roasty and dry but with a mouthfeel that holds up to the flavor intensity. Wisely infused with nitrogen for a creamy mouthfeel. You don\\\'t have to be smart to drink this beer, but we certainly appreciate a sense of humor!

Grand Slam Baseball Beer

A light-bodied American pale ale dry-hopped with Fuggles hops. This was the brainchild of Greg Noonan. He had said, privately, that he felt that he had nailed the style for what he had planned and hoped for. As a side note, the inspiration for the name of this beer came from an 8 year old girl named Jenny, about 25 years ago! The name stuck and style stuck. Go figure. Enjoy this light, summer ale while watching your favorite team play!

An American style lager.  Light and clean.  Low hop bitterness and hop flavors with subtle toasted malt finish.  4.0% Abv 12 IBU 3 SRM


We scaled up Josh Sled\\\'s Greg Noonan\\\'s Memorial Homebrew Competition gold medal winning schwarzbier and with his help brewed a batch of it at VPB. Dark and mild with malty notes of chocolate and coffee. 5.8% ABV 28 IBU 20 SRM


A big, malty 120 schilling Scotch Ale. Served in 8 ounce mugs only!


A Flemish Style Vermont Sour Red Ale fermented with brettanomyces yeast providing slight tartness with barnyard aromas and flavors. This recipe was the result of the collaborative efforts of VPB brewers both past and present in honor of their mentor and Master Brewer, Greg Noonan. The name (Toolah - Leez) comes from county Cork in Ireland where the Noonan clan originated. 6.1% ABV. Hits the style.

Raise one to Greg...


A well-balanced E.S.B. brewed with 50 IBUs of 100% Vermont grown Nugget hops. The hops were provided by the UVM Crops and Soil Team who are specializing in agriculture. Go Green Vermont!


Watermelon Wheat

A very light American Wheat Beer brewed with over 750# of real watermelons! Light bodied and crisp with sweet melon aromas and finish.  5.0% Abv 12 IBU 2.5 SRM